Beeyali – Visualising the Calls of Wildlife on Kabi Kabi Country

Davis ( Lyndon Davis )
Barclay ( Leah Barclay )
King ( Tricia King )
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Cymatics is an interdisciplinary field studying the visualisation of acoustic energy (Jenny 1974). Visual representations of sound have inspired a large body of artistic practice that seeks to find deeper correlations between visual and sonic media (Grillotti 2020; Vickey 2017). Beeyali is a Kabi Kabi word meaning ‘to call’. This creative work visualises the calls of wildlife on Kabi Kabi Country using cymatics to explore connections between cultural and environmental knowledge and inspire conservation.

Beeyali explores new ways to connect to the environment and develop interdisciplinary processes that intersect Indigenous knowledge, environmental science, creative practice, and new technology. The project involved a series of experiments to reveal cymatics with ochre, water, Kabi Kabi designs and digital photography. This resulted in the development of new techniques for sonic visualisation that have informed a body of audio-visual creative works featuring large scale projections. The dynamic geometric patterns respond to audio and have developed new knowledge in cymatics with original processes that combine acoustic ecology, photography and Indigenous knowledge. This technique is applied to wildlife calls to inspire the conservation of biological and cultural diversity through creative practice.

Beeyali was awarded one of three national commissions for NEW LIGHT 2021 – a competitive national award from the Australian Network for Art and Technology (ANAT) supporting experimental and diverse moving image works by contemporary First Nations artists. The work premiered at Illuminate Adelaide at the Adelaide Festival Centre and received its Queensland preview at the national Field Trip symposium at USC Art Gallery prior to being commissioned by Noosa Regional Gallery as a lead project for Floating Land 2021 – Australia’s premiere art in the environment event. Beeyali has since been commissioned for Horizon Festival 2022, ANAT’s Spectra Symposium and the 2022 World Science Festival. 
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