California Sounds (with Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired)

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Harnett ( Sam Harnett )
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The World According To Sound, United States 
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In a culture dominated by the visual, the stories of the blind and visually impaired are rarely told, and it’s even more rare for their stories to be told in a medium entirely accessible to them: sound. We spent a year with blind people, recording what they hear and talking to them about how they listen. With support from the Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired in San Francisco, we created a public radio series, podcast, and live communal listening event to bring the blind and sighted together to listen.

This project was produced in partnership with the Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired in San Francisco. Together we’re reimagining the world in the rich way blind people experience it every day.

Project outcomes include:

- California Sounds: New Year's Day Music That Hasn't Been Heard in 500 Years (
- These Five People Challenge the Notion of Blindness as a Deficit (
- If Noel Runyan Can't Find What He Needs, He Builds It Himself (
- Touching the Secret World of Mollusk Shells (
- Ioana Gandrabur Is Not 'The Blind Guitarist' (
- Blind Beekeeper Relies on Sound to Keep Her Hives Happy (
- An Architect Who Listens to Buildings (
- California Sounds: Music Made Out Of Writing And Drawing (
- California Sounds: Hear What It's Like to Sing in the Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir (
- California Sounds: The Subtle Sonics of Handmade Cheese (
- California Sounds: The Man Who Listens to Spider Sex Most Days (
- California Sounds: Studying Deadly Mosquitoes and Their DNA (
- California Sounds: Flying Through Water With the UC Berkeley Women's Crew Team (
- California Sounds: What's It Like to Navigate the Bay Area While Blind? (
- Hoby Wedler Thinks About How Your Water Bottle Sounds (
- California Sounds: The Visually Impaired Learn to Listen at Santa Rosa's Earle Baum Center (
- California Sounds: Can an App for the Blind Maintain its Feel-Good Social Network as it Expands? (
- California Sounds: At Tahoe Resort, Disability Is No Barrier to the Slopes ( 
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