LGO2 (Les grades Oreilles 2)

Bell ( Jim Bell )
Marc Fournel ( Fournel )
Lavallée ( Marc Lavallée )
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PLAN B, Canada 
[ private ] 
The installation LGO2 (Les grandes Oreilles 2) proposes an interactive exploration of the sound territory of Gatineau-Ottawa. By manipulating the physical structure of LGO2, users can explore and reinterpret their everyday sound environment.

Sounds were recorded in the Ottawa-Gatineau region, within a 2.5 km radius of the installation, in January, April and May 2022. They were then transposed in a virtual sound space created for LGO2. By turning the structure and manipulating the right handle of LGO2, users can explore this virtual space and discover the sounds recorded by PLAN B. Depending on how fast they turn the structure and how quickly they manipulate the active handle, users can also create a new audio environment and experiment with their own interpretation of the sound territory.

LGO2 draws its sources is based on the interactive audio installation Les grandes oreilles by Marc Fournel created in 2018 and presented the same year as part of FIMAV (Festival international de musique actuelle de Victoriaville).

For LGO2 presented in Gatineau, the electronic structure and the interactive programming were entirely rethought and reworked by PLAN B.

LGO2’s physical structure is inspired by the shape of old devices developed during the First World War, before the invention of radar, to "listen to the sky" and anticipate the possible arrival of aircraft.

The physical aspect of LGO2 uses the formal principles of an obsolete technology and integrates current electronic and digital technologies to propose an interactive experience that interprets through sound a portion of the territory of Ottawa and Gatineau. 
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