A Pocket Guide to Further Afield Recordings: Obscure Locations of the British Isles

Clarkson ( Dave Clarkson )
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Cavendish House, United Kingdom 
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Further Afield Recordings....

Hunting in search of sound food in remote, isolated and sometimes dangerous locations. Audio is taken as original sound source material for the foundation of sound collages and compositions. Field recordings as sound ingredients like natural ingredients in a carton of orange juice. Location recordings are re-fabricated e.g. rhythms created from dry snapped twigs or water pumps. The transformation of gentle splashes of sea water into harmonic layers of celestial sound. The sounds are processed, mangled, untangled, enhanced, collaborated with unnatural sounds and instrumentation, like painting with a palette of electronic colours. These turn out as further afield from the original sound source.

Following previously exploring faded seaside towns and fairgrounds, Dave Clarkson has investigated a number of isolated, unpopulated and obscure locations and applied the Further Afield production technique to the results. Some tracks are melodic and rhythmic while others are more desolate, capturing the unique atmosphere of the locations.

Location source sounds:
1, Piel Island & Morecambe Bay / England.
2, Sherwood Forest and the Great Wood / England.
3, Norfolk coastal footpaths / England.
4, Traeth Porthor / Wales.
5, Ingleton Caves / England.
6, Porthcawl and Barry Island / Wales.
7, Rendlesham Forest / England.
8, Clear Well Caves / England.
Tracks 6, 7 and 8: Live at Halle St Peters, Manchester, Subliminal Impulse 'Ambient Sunday' event - 26 June 2022.

Recordings, composition, production, mastering, photography, sleeve design, packaging and coordination by Dave Clarkson at Cavendish House studios. Compiled and Produced: April 2023.  
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