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A blog run since 2009 by Magnús Bergsson, primarily focussed on field recordings made in Iceland

From the blog's About page:

"My name is Magnús Bergsson and Hljóðmynd – Soundimage is my brainchild. “Hljóðmynd” translates literlly as “Sound Image”.

I first became interested in recording about 1975. Over the years, I have recorded a vast amount of material – music, sounds of the natural environment and also of citylife. On this site you will get an insight into these recordings. Some of the recordings might be considered rather ordinary but then again rather interesting when listened to as separate, individual recordings. The idea with this site is to make available these sounds in the same way that others upload and make available their photographs. Whilst others wrestle with the visual, I concentrate on the auditory. The recordings aren’t arranged in chronological order but come in a random fashion as there are an awful lot of older recordings. You are free to download the recordings on this site, the only exceptions being those recordings where the music is copyrighted. They are clearly marked as such. Any copyrighted material will only be used with the correct permission. Anyone wishing to use any of the material found on this website is free to do so providing that the source of the material is credited.

To this end, it would be very much appreciated to receive an email as confirmation of material being used at “”.

This website has mostly MP3 files from 128 kbps up to 256 kbps. Most of the recordings are deliberately of a decent length so as to enable you to relax and get caught up in the atmosphere of the recording. Whether this succeeds is, of course, dependent on both the recording itself and the listener. All comments are more than welcome.

Many people enjoy listening to sounds of nature. Office workers and the like have often commented that having natural sounds playing in the background is like having the window open and helps to focus their attention. It often works much better than having the radio on.

I hope that this website, SoundImage, will give people a reason to stop by and enjoy what’s on offer.

Some of these recordings will soon be available on CD and will be found on the sales page.

I am ready to offer my services to undertake all sorts of recordings; you name it, I’ll record it. I am prepared to do it free of charge as long as there aren’t any special costs involved. My only condition is that I get to keep a copy of the recording. I try to record everything in the highest quality using DSD or WAV formats. The only possible limitations to the quality will come from the recording equipment’s, or software’s, specifications. Recordings can be delivered in practically whatever format you choose. I promise full confidentiality with the recordings." 
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