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Sound & the Healthy City is a special issue for the Journal Cities & Health, Routledge, that collects interdisciplinary contributions addressing the impact of the acoustic environment on health and well-being of people, through both soundscape and noise-based approaches.


“Sound and the Healthy City” by Antonella Radicchi, Pınar Cevikayak Yelmi, Andy Chung, Pamela Jordan, Sharon Stewart, Aggelos Tsaligopoulos, Lindsay McCunn, Marcus Grant.


“Ecological connectivity of urban quiet areas: the case of Mytilene, Greece” by Aggelos Tsaligopoulos, Aimilia Karapostoli, Antonella Radicchi, Chris Economou, Stella Kyvelou & Yiannis G. Matsinos, first published online on May 17th, 2019.


“A London municipality’s electric refuse collection vehicle – ‘The eRCV project” by Helen Steiger, first published online on April 29th, 2019.
“Acoustic sustainability in urban design: lessons from the World Soundscape Project” by Barry Truax, first published online on March 21st, 2019.
“Right to party versus right to quietness? Mitigating noise conflicts of free open air events in Berlin” by Charlotte Weber, Abdelrahman Helal, Annika Lesem, Lena Maaß, Esther Schwedler, Anton Wohldorf & Julius Würbach, first published online on June 26th, 2019.
“How can citizen science advance environmental justice? Exploring the noise paradox through sense of place“, by Brittany Carson, Caren B. Cooper, first published online on February 17th, 2020.


“Chiller plant full-scale acoustic simulation in a quiet neighborhood” by Marylin Roa, Matthew Vetterick & Gary W. Siebein, first published online on November 29th, 2019.


“Urban noise levels are high enough to damage auditory sensorineural health” by Jan L. Mayes, first published online on February 18th, 2019.
“Combined soundwalks and lightwalks” by Dietrich Henckel, first published online on March 11th, 2019.
“Soundscape and its contribution to health in the city” by Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp, first published online on March 14th, 2019.
“Supporting healthier urban environments with a sound and noise curriculum for students” by Arline Bronzaft, first published online on March 21st, 2019.
“Toward a better understanding of pleasant sounds and soundscapes in urban settings“ by Eleanor Ratcliffe, first published online on November 27th, 2019.
“Healing the urban soundscape: reflections and reverberations” by Marcia Jenneth Epstein, first published online on December 1st, 2019.
“Acoustic quality and health in urban environments (SALVE) – a pilot study in the metropolitan Ruhr region, Germany“, by Robynne Sutcliffe, Bryce T. Lawrence, Salman Ahmed, Dietwald Gruehn & Susanne Moebus, first published online on January 3rd, 2020.


Developing sound-aware cities: a model for implementing sound quality objectives within urban design and planning processes” by Trond Maag, Andres Bosshard & Sven Anderson, first published online on June 13th, 2019.


“Tranquil City: identifying opportunities for urban tranquillity to promote healthy lifestyles” by Grant Waters, Ben Warren, Eleanor Ratcliffe & Julie Godefroy, first published online on June 5th, 2019.
“Hidden geographies: design for neurodivergent ways of hearing and sensing” by Danielle Toronyi, first published online on June 14th, 2019.
“Marketing sonic thinking with creative visualization: getting decision-makers to listen” by Christopher Williams and Charlie Morrow, first published online on July 1st, 2019.
“Adaptive soundscape design for liveable urban spaces: a hybrid methodology across environmental acoustics and sonic art” by Mattia Cobianchi, John Drever and Lisa Lavia, first published online on July 19th, 2019.
From Classic Traffic Noise Monitoring to Perceptual Evaluation of the Citizen’s Acoustic Environment by Rosa Ma Alsina-Pagès, Marc Freixes, Ferran Orga, Maria Foraster, Alexandra Labairu-Trenchs, (accepted, under publication).


“Flying, health and the city: sensing aeromobility and risk in an informal settlement” by Brandley Rink and Lwando Klaas, first published online on April 26th, 2019.
“Mobile crowd-sensing as a resource for contextualized urban public policies: a study using three use cases on noise and soundscape monitoring” by Bruno Lefevre, Rachit Agarwal, Valerie Issarny & Vivien Mallet, first published online on July 18th, 2019.
“Resonance – soundscapes of material and immaterial qualities of urban spaces” by Hanne Wiemann Nielsen, Gertrud Jørgensen & Ellen Marie Braae, first published on line on October 14th, 2019.

Guest Lead Editor: Antonella Radicchi, Technical University of Berlin, Germany.
Guest Co-Editors (in alphabetical order): Pınar Cevikayak Yelmi, Işık University, Istanbul, Turkey; Andy Chung, Macau Instituto de Acústica, Macau; Pamela Jordan, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands; Sharon Stewart, ArtEZ University of the Arts, Netherlands; Aggelos Tsaligopoulos, University of the Aegean, Mytilene, Greece.
Cities & Health Co-editors (in alphabetical order): Lindsay McCunn, Vancouver Island University, Canada, Marcus Grant, Environmental Stewardship, Bristol, England.
Advisory Board (in alphabetical order): Arline Bronzaft, Ph.D., Professor Emerita of the City University of New York, New York; Peter Lercher, Ph.D., Professor of the University of Graz, Graz; Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp, Ph.D., Professor of the Technical University of Berlin, Berlin; Barry Truax, Professor Emeritus of the Simon Fraser University, Vancouver.

Special issue partners (in alphabetical order): ALD, the working group on noise of the Acoustical Society of Germany; the Building Health Lab; The Quiet Coalition.
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