Advanced Soundscape Search: A Web Application for Interactive Exploration of ISO 12913 Datasets

Erdmann ( Matthias Erdmann )
Versümer ( Siegbert Versümer )
Steffens ( Jochen Steffens )
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The development of the ISO 12913 has led to the creation of standardized methodologies for collecting and analyzing individual responses regarding acoustic environments in context, with the aim of enabling comparability, replicability, and the development of modelling algorithms in soundscape prediction and design tasks. The development of methods to represent and explore soundscape data has the potential to facilitate deeper insights into different datasets. Although it is unlikely that any single method will sufficiently capture all information in empirical studies, attempts are worthwhile to facilitate advancements in this realm. Therefore, we propose a web application that fosters an interactive exploration of datasets based on the ISO 12913. The application facilitates a comprehensive soundscape search using 10 items of the standard, 8 features characterizing the soundscape (e.g., intensities of natural, human, and technical sound sources heard), and 10 distinct acoustic features. The search encompasses all possible combinations of these components, thus facilitating detailed exploration, offering an in-depth dataset overview, and enabling the comparison of different datasets. Further functionalities include text searching and the option to download, save, and load selected soundscapes, enhancing control and flexibility in the design of empirical studies and supporting urban planners in understanding various soundscape items. 
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