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The interdisciplinary Development of the Term “Soundscape”; Tracing its Ecological Roots 
Year: 2016 
Why lockdown silence was golden for science 
Year: 2020 
'Wave of silence' spread around world during coronavirus pandemic 
Year: 2020 
”Emme ole koskaan nähneet vastaavaa” – Linnut laulavat kovempaa koronan takia (“We’ve never seen anything like it” - Birds sing louder because of the corona) 
Year: 2020 
A Gulf in lockdown: How an enforced ban on recreational vessels increased dolphin and fish communication ranges 
Year: 2021 
Acoustic indices applied to biodiversity monitoring in a Costa Rica dry tropical forest 
Volume: 2 (1) 
Year: 2018 
Acoustic indices as rapid indicators of avian diversity in different land-use types in an Indian biodiversity hotspot 
Volume: 2 (1) 
Year: 2018 
Acoustic sustainability in urban design: lessons from the World Soundscape Project 
Year: 2019 
Against Soundscape 
Volume: Autumn leaves: sound and the environment in artistic practice 
Year: 2007 
An Ecoacoustic Snapshot of a Subarctic Coastal Wilderness: Aialik Bay, Alaska 2019 
Volume: 4 (1) 
Year: 2018