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Beneath The Forest Floor 
Year: 1992 
Conscient Podcast, Episode 22: Westerkamp 
Year: 2021 
Kits Beach Soundwalk 
Volume: 9:32 
Year: 1989 
Linking soundscape composition and acoustic ecology 
Volume: Organised Sound 
Year: 2002 
Listening and soundmaking: a study of music-as-environment 
Year: 1988 
The local and global “language” of environmental sound 
Volume: Sonic geography: Imagined and remembered 
Year: 2002 
The Nature of Music 15 - Hildegard Westerkamp 
Year: 2021 
The New Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver: An Acoustic Dump 
Year: 1976 
The Soundscape on Radio 
Volume: Radio Rethink 
Year: 1994