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Four Electroacoustic Compositions 
Year: 2002 
Music, Language and Environment: Environmental Sound Works of David Dunn, 1973-1985 
Year: 1996 
The Sound of Light in Trees 
Year: 2008 
Why do Whales and Children Sing? 
Year: 1999 
AN EXPOSITORY JOURNAL OF EXTRACTIONS FROM WILDERNESS notes toward an environmental language 
Year: 1981 
Mappings and Entrainments 
Year: 1984 
Music, Language, and Environment 
Year: 1984 
Nature, Sound Art and the Sacred 
Year: 1997 
SPECULATIONS: on the evolutionary continuity of music and animal communication behavior 
Year: 1983 
the lion in which the spirits of the royal ancestors make their home 
Year: 1995