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Environmental and Surrounding Sounds 
Year: 2023 
Acidification, Annihilation, Extinction: Exploring Environmental Crisis on the Great Barrier Reef Through Collaborative Ecological Sound Art 
Volume: Gothic in the Oceanic South 
Year: 2023 
Computer Music and Acoustic Communication: Two Emerging Interdisciplines 
Volume: Outside The Lines: Issues in Interdisciplinary Research 
Year: 1996 
Electroacoustic Music and the Soundscape: The Inner and Outer World 
Volume: Companion to Contemporary Music Thought 
Year: 1992 
Volume: A natural history of the senses 
Year: 1993 
Hearing the Past 
Volume: Seeing the Past with Computers: Experiments with Augmented Reality and Computer Vision for History 
Year: 2019 
Hildegard Westerkamp et l’écologie du son comme expérience 
Year: 2016 
Listening and Soundmaking: A Study of Music-as-Environment (in "Sound by Artists") 
Year: 1990 
Seeking Ursound: Hildegard Westerkamp, Steve Peters, and the Soundscape 
Year: 2006 
Volume: Landscapes of the mind: Worlds of sense and metaphor 
Year: 1990